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70 minutes is plenty of time - if your inbound flight is on time. Almost all United flights - including ALL domestic flights - arrive into terminal 7 or 8, and all departing United flights leave from those same terminals. These terminals are connected airside, and there is no additional security or outbound immigration you need to pass through. Worst case ...


You will go through security the moment you land (which will be in Terminal 3, if I remember FCO correctly). You are entering the Schengen zone in Rome. That's a passport control. Regarding customs, EU differs from the USA and Canada: you do not need to pick up your baggage if you are on a single ticket. You pick up your baggage at the end (Venice) and go ...


Fortunately you won't have to worry much since it's all on the same ticket. If you can't make it they should rebook you. However, from my experience through the hell that is LAX (albeit different terminals), you may need to move fast. It's certainly possible, but if there's a bunch of planes at the same time that need to go through some line, that may ...


If you are caught having sex in Dubai unmarried there is a high chance of jail time.

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