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Promoting some comments to answers - it all depends... If you are on a single ticket (so a through booking from the US to Edinburgh), then no. Your bag will be checked all the way through from the US to Edinburgh. When you arrive at Heathrow, you will need to clear UK immigration in Heathrow. You'll do that at the departing terminal, having followed the ...


This answer is more of a general one, and it can be different for Hong-Kong. But generally, you are taking a huge risk but it is still permitted. If you have only one ticket, then you should be totally fine. Airline will take care of your baggage if any, and if the first flight was delayed, they will compensate you and/or arrange alternative flights ...


You don't need a visa for airside transit in Paris thanks to your US visa. Assuming you are an Indian citizen, you would otherwise need an airport transit visa (ATV). If you would need an ATV, you could use a single visa provided it's valid on both dates. See Do I need a visa to transit in the Schengen area? for more details.


You need transit visa only if you want to go out from the airport to the city. If you stay in airport, you will be in a transit zone without passing the boarder. In this case you no need to have transit visa. However, for 14 hours you may see a lot of interesting things in a city. More information about visas you may find there: ...

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