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Having done this now, I can say that the answer I'd previously accepted (Terminal 4) was incorrect. The flight I was on (an American Airlines one) landed at TBIT. It was fairly easy to "transfer" to Terminal 4 though - after re-dropping my bag, it was just a short walk outside - fairly obvious once you've looked a terminal map.


United Airlines, Delta Airlines and American Airlines all have their own immigration and customs facilities within their repsective terminals. You will clear formalities and connect with your domestic flight in the same terminal. TBIT is ueed primaily by international carriers with a limited presence in LAX (ie only one or two flights). International ...


According to the LAX map on aa.com - all American Airlines (and American Eagle) flights use Terminal 4: Therefore, I do not see an issue during transit. I did a cursory check on AA international flights arriving in LAX I found AA216 from Sau Paulo, and it also arrived at Terminal 4. It seem TBIT is for international airlines and not international ...

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