Los Angeles International Airport, commonly known by its IATA code LAX, is the principal international airport serving , and the busiest international gateway to the . Use the tag only for questions about the airport itself.

LAX has 9 passenger terminals arranged in a horsehoe, at the center of which sits the airport's signature architectural feature, the Googie-style Theme Building. LAX is a major hub for (Terminals 7 and 8), and hosts major operations of (Terminal 6), (Terminal 4), (Terminal 5), (Terminal 1), and (Terminal 3) among others.

The airport is situated on the coast in the Westchester, a neighborhood in the southwestern corner of the City of . Due to its oceanside location, flights are sometimes diverted due to fog to Ontario International Airport (), located some distance to the east.

It is accessed via Century Blvd. or Sepulveda Blvd. (California SR-1), very close to Interstates 105 and 405. The FlyAway bus operates express services to Union Station in downtown Los Angeles and to other parts of the city, and a free shuttle bus connects the airport to the Aviation/LAX station on the Metro Green Line.

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