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Riga has a small city centre. All tourists are there and most of the "sense" and energy is there. There isn't much around it and a ride from the airport gets you there. If you can come up with something you want to see, it won't be far from it and one day will be enough. Of course, if you're not planning to drink in the evening and have "adventures". Maybe ...


While I agree with Mikhail's answer, I would like to add more information. First of all, AirBaltic is known to be very punctual, so you'll probably arrive in Riga without any major delays. The flight takes roughly one hour, the airport is small and easy to find your way around, then by public transport the journey to the center takes about half an hour, ...


There is a plan to get the higher speed train between Riga and Tartu Russian. Currently though there is a way to use the train to get from Riga to Tartu but it involves 2 different legs: Riga -> Valga and Valga -> Tartu. And from what I can see it's a lot slower then a bus.


A simple Google search uncovered the official website of the Latvian ministry of foreign affairs which states that US citizens can enter Latvia without needing a visa for a maximum stay of 90 days out of a 180-day period: Countries whose citizens may enter Latvia without a visa Stay of up to 90 days in any 180-day period  [...] United States of ...

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