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I would try to arrange to "board" with a Welsh-speaking family while in Patagonia. The arrangement could be made beforehand, or possibly while you're there and find one. You're going to have to eat/sleep SOMEWHERE. Just do your best to make sure that the "somewhere" is with a Welsh-speaking family.


Firstly, YES. But for more details, do you mean just Oaxaca City or Oaxaca State generally? In the city it's pretty hard to find people speaking indigenous languages, they seem to kind of "hide" it. If you keep your ears open you can hear local languages at second class bus stops, colectivo stops, local markets, etc. It should be also possible to hear ...


This depends on which locals you want to speak to. If you're in the cities, you should have no trouble at all speaking Spanish to practically anyone. If you venture out into the country side, Spanish is more the trade language, and several local languages are used more commonly. Even in such places you should have no trouble using Spanish to conduct ...

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