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mytaxi works pretty well in all larger cities I've tested so far. There definitely is an English version and I like the app's design, e.g. the fact that you can see the current position of the driver and know when to step out of the door.


The taxi.eu app works in Germany and is localized.


Frankfurt is massively cosmopolitan and its taxi services are generally ready to work with you in English. This would hold true for locales extending north to the Taunus. Generally you would only need to carry one or two numbers anyway. You mentioned Seligenstadt and Oberstshasen, the former being further out and not a sure bet unless you plan ahead. ...


Yes, there is an official transliteration scheme from the Greek alphabet to Roman. The Greek Government uses the Hellenic Organization for Standardization (ELOT) standard 743. Wikipedia has the full table: I'll not reproduce it here, since Stack Exchange doesn't support tables and the Wikipedia table also includes other transliteration schemes. Note that, ...


Wikipedia has a page on the Greek Alphabet, showing the conversion between its letters and the ones used in the Latin alphabet. This will help you decipher the text, but not the meaning. Below is a screenshot of the conversion table which can be found on the linked page: Last time I went on a road trip in Greece (2008) I don't remember reading that many ...

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