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So it's been a while sense this was last answered and some things have changed... White House: Sorry, no more tours! You can thank the sequester for that. You can, however, get in if the President invites you, or you are doing official business. I live 30min away from DC and I have a friend who gets to go to the White House Christmas Dinner every year so it ...


Within Viru Square, I would arrange to meet at the (Viru) Gate, which is the entrance to the Old Town.


I think a good place is Viru Square (Viru väljak) it's practically attached to the Historic Centre and there are several spots, like the Sokos Hotel Viru or the Viru Keskus shopping mall. From airport there is the line number 2, bus stop A.Laikmaa, the ticket price is 1.60 €, according to this page

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