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It being the Lake District in June, you can expect rain, gorgeous sunshine, fog, wind, calm, hot and cold, so for the first part of your question: take layers of clothing, with an outer waterproof / windproof layer take a hat take sun screen take midge repellent That's the UK for you - very variable :-) For the second part - I would suggest booking ...


It looks like there will be a Christmas market in Barrow-in-Furness in 2012. There's also a review of the market from 2011. It's not exactly the answer you were looking for, in that it's technically not the Lake District, and not really German, but it may be close enough on both counts to be useful to you.


Christmas markets are not really part of the British tradition in the way that they are elsewhere - at least not since Oliver Cromwell. There are traditional German (and other) Christmas markets in various places in Britain, as shown in the above link. However none seem to be close to the Lake District.

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