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It being the Lake District in June, you can expect rain, gorgeous sunshine, fog, wind, calm, hot and cold, so for the first part of your question: take layers of clothing, with an outer waterproof / windproof layer take a hat take sun screen take midge repellent That's the UK for you - very variable :-) For the second part - I would suggest booking ...


Depends a lot of the interpretation of your question. If you stick to a short walk from the train station Windermere is the natural option. If you are willing to loosen that requirement a little and accept traveling by bus, the whole Lake District is a possibility. Bus transportation in the Lakes is very good, but a bit pricey (to my taste at least). ...


It looks like there will be a Christmas market in Barrow-in-Furness in 2012. There's also a review of the market from 2011. It's not exactly the answer you were looking for, in that it's technically not the Lake District, and not really German, but it may be close enough on both counts to be useful to you.


Christmas markets are not really part of the British tradition in the way that they are elsewhere - at least not since Oliver Cromwell. There are traditional German (and other) Christmas markets in various places in Britain, as shown in the above link. However none seem to be close to the Lake District.


We have stayed at the Rampsbeck Country House Hotel. It's right on the Ullswater on the A592 south of Penrith Cumbria. The surrounding hills are honeycombed with paths, byways, and old droves suitable for hiking and/or mountain biking. There's also a couple of farms offering horseback riding. There's a boat service that can take you down to the Trust ...


I would recommend Ambleside: there's a frequent bus service (555) from Windermere (which it is very close to) and you can do day-hikes without a bus to Grasmere and quite a few fells (e.g. Fairfield). With short bus trip (at least in Summer) you can get up the Langdale valley, and on to Coniston or towards Keswick for day-hikes on some classic hills (the Old ...


Of sorts, Ulverston has a large Christmas market every year, called the Ulverston Dickensian Christmas Festival. It has grown quite large over the years, and takes in most of the central streets of the town. Quite a few locals (I'm one) dress up in Dickensian attire, and get into the spirit of things. I think you could safely say the market has German ...

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