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Even if Iran's neighbouring countries have good relations with Iran, the question is whether the banking system in the neighbouring countries is liable to the sanctions. Cash withdrawals through ATMs between different banks are handled through interbank networks, many of which exist as standalone networks within a country; however, these are typically ...


Essentially your question is this: Do American and European economic sanctions directly interfere with Kuwaiti-Iranian banking and financial mechanisms? No, they do not. Although, I'm no lawyer and thus no expert, but, it does sound like something that is frowned upon by various alphabet agencies.


If you already have a multiple entry visa for Saudi; just go to any Waseet agent (they are handling the Saudi Embassy visa process). You'll find them in Hawally behind the Nugra Complex (North). You'll need to bring: Visa for Bahrain Passports of your family members. Pictures (blue background) Cash (as they don't take cards, but there is an ATM in the ...


You have a UK passport due to expire in 5 1/2 months and are travelling to a country where 6 months validity is required. At the time of your arrival, your passport will have 5 months remaining until expiry. There is a very slim discretionary zone in Kuwait for entering without a valid passport as they define it. They might forgive a day or so if you are ...

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