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In short: Come to the airport early, security checks will take longer. You should expect a longer and more serious security check before your departure and after your landing, including questioning about your whereabouts and activities in Iran or Kuwait. If you just visited there, this should be it - your entrance is very highly unlikely to be refused. ...


Some countries (e.g. UK) will give you a second passport. This way you get all your stamps from one set of countries in one passport, and all your stamps from another set of countries in another.


Bring the old passport with you along with your new passport (hopefully you still have it) and you will be able to enter. This applies to all other countries provided that the page where the visa is not cancelled (usually by writing a big X or by puncturing it in the sides). Update: Always remember to ask the authority to handle you the old passport when ...


I don't think any stamps will be an issue for the Israeli authorities. They might ask about it, but don't expect trouble if its obvious you were just visiting for holidays. It is obviously safest to check with your local Israeli embassy though.


There are 5 HI hostels in Kuwait, including one in Kuwait City: http://www.hihostels.com/guide/HI-Hostels-Guide-Kuwait.pdf Apparently the price for HI members is 3 KD/night, or around US$10. Not too shabby. Guest workers almost always stay in company dormitories, which don't cater to random travellers. And you'd probably want to avoid them anyway unless ...


If you have your old passport with you: No problem. You still can use the visa as long as you bring both passports. Even if the passport is cancelled (clipped). If you do not have your old passport with you: Big problem, you need to visit the Kuwaiti embassy to issue a new visa.


It simply means: Length + Height + width The total of that should not exceed the allowed size. In your case it is 115 cm. BTW that's called linear length.


I visited Israel in August 2012 after having been in Iran in January that year. The first immigration person I got was not happy about the Iranian visa and stamp, and seemed incredulous that I would ever want to go there. He actually said "There is nothing worth seeing in Iran". He asked me a lot of pointed questions, and was slightly aggressive, then sent ...

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