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There is nothing that prohibits you from carrying a microscope onboard an airplane. One thing to mention is the tools that comes with it, if I am not mistaken microscopes comes with a set of tools (I have seen one made for amateurs), it comes with some sort of sharp tools and/or some kind of liquids in small bottles (I guess dye or something like that). ...


The point is enforcing their price discrimination practices. What airlines do is trying to extract as much profit as possible from each passenger. Ideally they want to sell the ticket at the highest price a person is ready to pay for it and the distance, costs, etc. aren't directly relevant (see also Why do hotel booking sites ask for the number of people? ...


It may be next to impossible to find the flight plan and the aircraft registration for that date. However, there is a limited number of aircraft that it could be since KLM operated only 3 747-300s. The list is: N4548M PH-BUW N4551N

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