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Beef jerky. This is truly an American thing. You can get different kinds of jerky: beef, antelope, deer, buffalo, elk. Elk might be your best bet, it's one of my favorites, and I think elk only exist in North America.


Maple syrup (or maple candies) is always a winner. Cheese can also be a good choice (needs to be vacuum sealed). Smoked salmon (buy frozen and wrapped in cloth in your checked-in bags). Wild rice is really nice. ...


There is a USD atm at the KCB Kipandi House (across the road from the post office) but when I went there on 2/8/15 it was out of order. It is the one on a the far right as you enter (ones with USD are not labelled). I cannot confirm the one at Anniversary towers as I went there on a Sunday and could not get access to the ATMS. I was told by locals there we ...

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