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There's a train to Aktau that will set you back 20-30$ According to Caravanistan, there are shared taxis that will take you there too, for about 500 tenge, though from my searching around everyone seems to take the train there and there is little mention, if any, of marshrutkas and taxis to Aktau.


Your question is quite broad and not completely clear, but I assume you arrive from Kazakhstan and want to cross at Khogas into China and then drive on to Beijing and/or Shanghai. I'm no expert but I will try to give you some pointers. Comments to start with: For any venture through the Stans be sure to study the excellent Caravanistan site. Have you ...


It appears you asked the same question in the Caravanistan forum. All of this answer will be based on the info there but since you seemed not satisfied with it you should come back here after your trip and give an answer based on your personal experience. As reported in the forum post, there are ATMs in Beyneu so you can always withdraw some tenge. I also ...


In addition to what you say, the procedures for Chinese visa are also quite volatile over time, so be sure to check the sources for updates and try your luck. The best info I found is on the excellent Caravanistan site for China-visa. There you find a section with the latest updates on getting visa on the road from not only Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan but ...

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