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This is a well-trod trail on the backpacker circuit, and Seat 61 has the full scoop, but here's the outline: Train from Delhi to the end of the line at Gorakhpur, overnight, US$10-50 depending on class of sleeper Bus to border at Sunauli, one and half hours, ~$2 Cross border on foot Bus to Kathmandu, 9-12 hours (overnight buses available), ~$6 So it's ...


Where there's tourism there's likely to be beggars - especially in poorer countries. Sometimes these beggars will be "real" - people who are homeless and in need of help from others to survive. Sometimes they are simply trying to swindle money from tourists, often as part of a larger ring - especially when children are involved. Some people claim that the ...


I imagine the new bus service would follow the Narayanghat Mugling Highway to get into the higher valleys and onto Kathmandu or Pokhara. Without knowing where you went within Nepal 20 years back, I would hazard a guess that maybe you went up either the Siddharta Highway (to Pokhara) or the Tribhuvan Highway (to Kathmandu). Both of these roads are still ...


How do we determine whether or not it's important? Obviously if you know you're going to get sick, getting it is essential, but with something that's not guaranteed, just highly likely, you can't put a figure on 'really important' or not. However, we can listen to experts and see what they say. CDC (Center for Disease Control) - Hep A is recommended for ...


Nagarkot sits up in the hills surrounding Kathmandu, about 25 kilometers away. You would be looking at an hour to an hour & a half on average to downtown Kathmandu (maybe more during peak traffic times).


Nepal has Heli-skiing, but no downhill ski resorts. You can contact HHSG Heli Skiing (http://www.heliskinepal.com) for more details, but most of their offerings are multi-day packages for small groups. Cross country skiing is also possible, but don't know of any specific businesses that can get you equipped with rental gear and out onto the trails.

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