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One would definitely have to look at the statutes state by state. In the state of Florida for example you could be cited under the public indecency statute. In NY though going topless is legal for women, so partial nudity would be fine in that state. There were similar discussions on other sites like Yahoo answers, or But generally Kansas ...


In Kansas, it is legal to be naked in full view of everyone, walking down the street, "unless [one] is exposing themselves or a sexual organ to gratify or arouse someone other than themself", according to this news story, so driving naked in Kansas would also be legal, if those conditions are met.


In general, if you are driving naked and no one can see you, then there is no violation of law. Nudity in itself is not a crime. Example: It is 3 AM and you are on an interstate or any other road for that matter, and there are no other vehicles on the road or if no one can see you are nude, then there is no violation.

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