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ETS and All County Express have direct JFK-EWR shuttles for ~30 USD and your hotel is almost guaranteed to have a free shuttle from EWR. This is not the absolute cheapest but certainly the most convenient. It might take a long time, these are shared services. I doubt there's a shared shuttle from JFK to anything in Clark but you can try entering your hotel ...


If you really want to avoid the worst of the Connecticut and NYC traffic, or if you want to break up your trip in the middle, you could always use the Cross-Sound Ferry from New London, CT to Orient Point, NY (on Long Island.) The voyage takes about an hour and a half, and costs $55 (one-way) for a car & driver, $15 for each additional adult, and $6 for ...


The answer depends very much on your degree of risk aversion, and on how much of your "like to be early" buffer you are willing to lose to traffic or other delays en route. As Michael Hampton noted in a comment, the drive is almost entirely motorway, so depending on your driving habits and the traffic, you might be able to average 75 miles an hour (120 ...


No. USA immigration and customs is always at your first stop in the USA, except if you are departing from an airport with pre-clearance. Brussels is not one of those. The JFK terminals are connected by a train.

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