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You can make a complaint but you don't have much chance of getting your money back. The airline will claim that it is your responsibility to follow visa policy and will ignore the nicety that you were not intending to breach the visa policy. For what it's worth, you did not do anything wrong (except the throw-away ticketing), but the check in staff are now ...


Will that give me enough time to visit one/any places in New York City The simple answer is no, not even close. If you have more time, there are many dupe questions such as


Duty is not the same as sales tax. Sales tax is a local, city burden on a business and varies from type of business, type of item, value of item and the state you are in. A duty (more specifically customs duty) is a federal restriction and this applies universally across all borders of that country. So - it is perfectly fine to buy an item with a sales tax ...

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