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Several hotels in the area listed on Trip Advisor as "pet friendly" but only accept dogs. Blatant discrimination! La Quinta JFK accepts cats and there is no surcharge.


Yes there are a number that allow small pets in the JFK area. Try Travelocity which has a 'Pets allowed (conditions apply)' check box. Be sure to check the conditions- in my experience some hotels levy exorbitant 'cleaning fees' when a pet stays- for that price the pet could have dysentery and be doing somersaults and they'd still come out ahead.


Forget Times Square! Take public transport direct to SoHo. Spend, say, 3-5 hours being really cool and having fun. You need plan nothing - every single street, every corner, in the SoHo/Tribeca etc area is worth seeing. Take in a few cafes and maybe galleries. You can't go wrong. Hop on public transport and go back for your flight. It's that easy.


No. The only way to get from one terminal to another is to exit the terminal and take the air train or a shuttle bus. A possible exception to this is for Delta, which operates in Terminals 2 and 4. They apparently have a bus that connects the airside areas of these terminals. See the map here: ...


Since you're all on one ticket, you don't need to worry. I wouldn't plan anything right after your scheduled San Diego arrival, but I wouldn't worry too much Finnair use the American Airlines terminal in JFK, terminal 8, which should help a little bit. When you get off the plain, look for a member of AA staff (may also be dressed as OneWorld), who'll ...

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