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To answer your questions: How does it work? Leave the arrivals terminal and the taxi ranks are opposite the doors. You will see signs for taxis clearly inside and outside of the terminal. Queue and wait your turn. There is usually a representative for the airport or someone official at the head of the queue asking you where your destination is. How can I ...


How does it work? You go and stay in the queue for the taxi, usually just outside the terminal. When it's your turn, you get inside the taxi and tell the driver your destination. And than you ride in (sometimes smelly) taxi for a while (for a long while) and eventually you get to your destination. How can I recognize it? You won't miss it. There will be ...


You should read the information on the Port Authority Website with regards to your question. The only taxis that are allowed to pick up at the JFK airport are NYC T&LC's Yellow Taxis, so look for them. Normally you would see a "Taxi" stand with a booth outside the terminal and a line of taxis there.

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