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One (more) thing to take note of is that the actual locations of bus stands around large stations can be spread out quite significantly. They are usually numbered,but these numbers have no correlation to the bus route number, and AFAIK, Google's transit directions do not consider the exact location either. See the attached image for busses departing from ...


I was in Japan a couple of months back (visited both Tokyo and Kyoto as part of the trip), and pretty much everything is written in kanji AND romanised Japanese when it comes to public transport. You don't have to memorise the kanji! :)


That's actually the bus line and its destination, and the Google Maps directions already convert both the starting and ending stops into English (well, romanized Japanese). For example, if going from Roppongi to Shibuya, the only sane choice is the 都01 (Metropolitan #1) bus and this is what you get: (courtesy Google) "Ex Theater Roppongimae" ...

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