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How about this page? It allows to track some packages, but I'm not sure if it is what you need specifically.


You can get tickets at nearly any convenience store in the nation; although I don't think that any of the kiosks do ticket sales in English. If you have someone who can read Japanese, going to 7/11, Family Mart, etc is the easiest way. This page lists the various ticket outlets.


For online resources, this Japanese page has a list. The train names might survive Google or other machine-translations.


The E5 and E6 series used in northern Japan (Tohoku Shinkansen; Komachi, Hayabusa, some Hayate) have a pair of 100V outlets for the front row of each car, and a single outlet beneath the window on the other rows on each side. Note that since the seats rotate, there are also two outlets behind the back row of each car, although they would be inconvenient to ...


I can verify that the N700a trains have power sockets for the seats at the ends of the cars. Look at the bottom of the side wall under the window near your feet. Plugged in right now, actually :-)


If by Minami you mean the Southern area of Osaka, in the sense described by Japan Guide, you're probably looking to go to Namba. From Kansai you have a few options, you can take the Nankai-Kuko line, the Nankai Limited Express or JR Kansai Rapid Service. These will cost you anywhere between ¥920 to ¥1400, unless you have the JR pass which makes the trip ...


Observation: US passport, we had an overnight connection in Tokyo. On the return flight we also had an overnight connection. This second entry didn't cause any scrutiny from the official and unless his computer found our tickets he didn't know it was just an overnight connection. (This actually made economic sense--it was part of an airline promo deal, ...


No this is not a problem. When you leave you will hand in the form that is presently stapled into your passport and you will be stamped out. When you return you will get a new 90 day period (in my experience). It is possible that the immigration inspector will notice that you have been in Japan very recently. She/he may ask you about it. Of course you ...


There's a few game hubs in Tokyo, but Akihabara is the classic techy gamer paradise. Plenty of new and used game stores, arcades and curious little shops. In particular: Super Potato, on the upper floors of a back alley building off the main strip. A veritable treasure trove of vintage video games (Nintendo, Sega, Sony plus weird and wonderful platforms ...


You are allowed to do this if you meet certain conditions. 1- Your Chinese visa allows multiple entry 2- You have a Japanese visitor visa, as Japan requires South African citizens to have a visa to visit. Wikipedia reference Timatic reference VisaHQ reference By the way, a transit visa works if you are on your way somewhere else, what you're looking for ...

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