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You can fly Candor via Germany - Hamburg to Montego bay


By performing a skyscanner search from Jamaica to "Everywhere" with direct flights only and whole month checked, you can get a list of posibilities of where you might transfer. The list includes several non-uk European countries. Of course, you should watch out for any flights that take place wholly within the Schengen area, as they will require a Schengen ...


I have spent some time trying to find relevant routes for you. Basically, it is really hard to avoid USA and Canada if you want to get to Jamaica. Still, I have found a route through UK with Thomson to reach Montego Bay. You should find flights through Guyana (which has direct connections to Jamaica).


You could fly to Frankfurt and take Condor 2162 to Montego Bay (MBJ). Edit: you can find tons of flights from Montego Bay to Europe here. As you can see flying to Kingston has much less options. The best avoid-EU option is to take SU150 to Havana, Cuba and then Blue Panorama Airlines BV 1302 to Montego Bay. This is only on Wednesdays and it's not clear ...


Just avoid any US-based airline; and you will not have any stops in the US. Your Aeroflot flight was a codeshare with American, which is why it had a stop in JFK. You might also want to avoid any code-share flights with Canadian airlines; since Canada does not offer TWOV (transit without visa) for Russian citizens. You can fly British Airways (assuming ...

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