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you'll find websites telling you Pompeii is closed on May 1st, like this: http://www.pompei.biz/pompei/orario_scavi.htm However, I know for a fact that's not always the case. It was open on May 1st in 2009 and 2015. I don't really know about the Vesuvius but I found this: http://eventinapoli.com/eventi/il-primo-maggio-scalata-al-vesuvio Sorry, that's all I ...


Assuming that the visa you're getting is a type D (long-stay) visa issued by Italy: The visa will allow you to stay in Italy only without complying with the 90/180 rule relative to your earlier stays in the Schengen area. So you should have no problems if you travel directly to Italy when you re-enter. If you're going to transit through a different ...

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