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It is to some extent up to the border guards. In principle, it's not a problem except if the change of plans is so drastic as to make them suspect visa fraud. For example, transiting through Italy is perfectly OK, adding a side trip or deciding to stay a little longer in Italy than in Greece should be fine. On the other hand, going to a conference in Italy ...


There are guidelines for determining which Schengen country you should apply to for your visa, depending on your travel plans. If the guidelines suggest you should not have applied to Greece, I doubt anyone would take issue with it. If they do, you can always say that your plans changed after you made the application. What do you mean by "take a print for ...


It does smell a bit, and it's not a nice smell, but at the same time it's not so disgusting that it should put you off going.


I was in Venice about 6 weeks ago, and heard the same thing beforehand! As it turns out, in the summer it does have a distinct smell of its own, but it's certainly not oppressive. I'm a Londoner, and it's similar to what you might smell by the Thames embankment on a warm day; brackish saltwater is always going to whiff a bit, but not particularly ...


I'm Italian, born near Venice and I even lived in the city for one year recently. My experience is that Venice used to smell bad when the weather was really hot, and kind of still does sometimes, but not as bad as in the past. Of course it's relative, some people just hate the smell of the sea, I'm just refering to that kind of sewage/dumpster smell. I also ...


It should be instant. Source: Italian and booked hundreds of trains (two yesterday). Anyway, you only need the Booking Code (PNR) in order to board the train and that should also be shown during the last step of the booking process, a page that the Trenitalia site suggests to print. You can also log in and go in the customer area. At the bottom of the ...


I was in Venice in summer 2013. It didn't smell bad, even though it was hot. We asked some locals (who we were staying with) about the legendary smell. Historically, raw sewage was simply dumped into the canals and (eventually) washed out to sea. This had been the status quo for centuries, with some improvement over the years but there was still lots of old ...


Yes. I went there in September and there was a consistent whiff of stagnant water more or less everywhere. It wasn't exactly oppressive, but I didn't get used to it either and I noticed it regularly. I was however only there for two stints of two days each which I accept isn't a large amount of acclimatisation.


Every city smells, and every city smells differently from any other city. If you're there long enough you no longer notice, to a new arrival it's quite distinct. Venice, being a city with a lot of salt water in a warm climate, no doubt smells rather distinctly compared to many landlocked cities. And that's all there is to it.


I have heard this "fact" many times. Another version states that this is especially true in the summer. I was on a trip to Italy only last month and visited Venice as part of it. I spent three days there, took vaporettos (ferries) and walked most of the time. The water ways and canals do host a wide variety of algae and water-weeds and it is indeed true ...


According to wikipedia, you should be fine for all eu member states. Leaving bosnia and montenegro an uncertainty. montenegro seems to accept eu id cards, so does Bosnia It seems that you can travel with you id only.


Shamelessly repeating what has already been said in the comments, I would also suggest Dachau. Another option could be Nürnberg and the Nazi party rally ground. Both places are a bit far but probably doable in a day. If you want something strictly military, you could try to visit some part of the “ligne Maginot” in France like the Ouvrage Hackenberg. It's ...


Couvert is obligatory to pay, especially if you take a seat. It is illegal though in Lazio due to regional law (even if they usually don’t care about this law, but if you’re willing to argue...)

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