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The cheapest solution I've been able to find was the Festival official camping ground (Italian only, sorry) which is a nice camping not so far from downtown Mantova. It's actually a 15 mins walking from almost every place in Mantova with an event associated to the festival. The camping is provided with plenty of space to plant your tent, a common area where ...


I can talk about the wifi coverage there. What I've been doing recently to determine speed of connections is to use Instabridge (not my app) - a free app for Android, that does two very important things: Shows where open wifi is (including password-protected ones which have been crowd-sourced - e.g. a kind soul has added his home wifi to the list). This ...


If your lost bag came back to Bern (and you'd be very lucky) you can try with this web page https://www.ffs.ch/stazione-servizi/servizi/servizio-oggetti-trovati.html If someone found the bags in Italy. I'm very sad to tell this but will be very hard for you to recover that/


Milan city council runs a lost&found service which can be contacted at these phone numbers: +39 02 88453900 +39 02 88453908 +39 02 88453909 They advise you to contact "Polizia ferroviara" and file a report before contacting them but since you skipped this step I'd try to contact them anyway. I wouldn't hold my breath but good luck anyway!

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