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Shamelessly repeating what has already been said in the comments, I would also suggest Dachau. Another option could be Nürnberg and the Nazi party rally ground. Both places are a bit far but probably doable in a day. If you want something strictly military, you could try to visit some part of the “ligne Maginot” in France like the Ouvrage Hackenberg. It's ...


Couvert is obligatory to pay, especially if you take a seat. It is illegal though in Lazio due to regional law (even if they usually don’t care about this law, but if you’re willing to argue...)


Back from Sicily, renting a car was definitely the best advise especially for people interested in natural sites. Some major natural sites are indeed not accessible if you do not have a car, or they are only at some times. For the Etna, we were lucky enough to be present during the eruption. But you only see it at night when there is no more buses. There ...


Generally speaking travel documents for travelling within Schengen zone are: passport or EU/EEA national ID card. Officially none other documents are accepted, however some airlines might be more relaxed in their requirements. RyanAir is not one of these airlines, and RyanAir will not let you travel with just residency permit (I'm also speaking from personal ...


The Schengen visa is valid for all countries of l’espace Schengen; you can use it for entering l’espace Schengen at any border. If it has not expired, you are ok. But the national authorities can still refuse you entry for another reason: you are coming from a dangerous country, you have an arrest warrant on your head, etc ;)


As already suggested in the previous comments, SAVDA provides a one-change connection from Courmayeur to Milan. You can find the schedule and other info here. Since you are not familiar with the Italian language, I will report some significant information below: you can buy tickets directly on the bus, but it will cost you € 2 more per ticket. you can ...

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