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Of course your question is very subjective and there won't be a correct answer, but I want to give you some details on the safety layout of the airport in Istanbul. I went through the airport this January (before the bomb attack in central Istanbul) and as opposed to other airports that I have been too, there was an additional security check right at the ...


Istanbul Ataturk airport is open 24 hours. I have personally gone through transfer in the international zone at 4 or 5 in the morning several times. I believe the domestic zone is the same. Note that the gate information likely won't be available until about two hours before departure of your second flight. Please edit your question and add details of your ...


Just flew yesterday. Everything In Istanbul airport is as if nothing has happened. The incident wasn't even mentioned once. And there was no security check for international to international transfer. All in all, it took us 15 minutes to get from gate 223 (arriving flight) to gate 206 (departing flight) - with three little children in tow :)


I have no first-hand information but this is what I can gather online: Turkish Airlines currently has the following in their website, which you already know: Flight operations at ─░stanbul Atat├╝rk International Airport have been restarted. We kindly ask our passengers to check the latest flight information through flight status service at our official ...

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