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There are hundreds of money changers all over Tel Aviv. Most of them charge a relatively small currency spread so there's little point in walking around for comparision unless you're changing thousands of dollars. You can check out the latest cash exchange rates at the Israeli Post website: ] All Postal Offices in Tel Aviv provide money changing services. ...


Like any country, a visa is just an endorsement allowing you a specific period of time in a country based on your citizenship (and other potential factors). However, once you're at the border, the border agents / authorities can and will still make a further assessment. They might evaluate: your ability to support yourself while in the country your ...


There are many options for a family visit to Jerusalem in the summer heat. After all most families in Israel have at least two children. The Israel Museum is air-conditioned and has plenty of Family Activities listed on their website, including a mini-theater Explore the Western Wall Tunnels, which feature 500 meters of cool space underneath the Western ...


From both personal experience and Internet forums, there are multiple ATMs at Ben Gurion airport in Tel-Aviv. I've even managed to find a photo of one ATM in the arrivals zone:

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