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No. The visa is valid for a fixed period of time, which I'm sure you realise as you use the term 'expired'. It usually has a date on the visa, and if that date is in the past, you can not use it in the present or future. You'll need to get a new student visa, or you will be turned away when you try to board your flight.


There are several tour operators, e.g.: This one will even organize travel to Eilat (various options) and hotel in Eilat. It's only one day in Petra, though: http://www.tourplanisrael.com/?CategoryID=226&ArticleID=1069 This one has two days in Petra, and the tour leaves avbout the same time as the JETT bus to Abdali bus station in Amman: ...


The shortest route from Jerusalem to Amman is via the Allenby or King Hussein bridge. If you need a visa to enter Jordan, you won't get it there. Moreover, it is for pedestrians only. I think that's the kind of hassle you want to avoid. As an alternative, there is a bus from Nazareth to Amman. This bus uses the Jordan River crossing / Sheik Hussein bridge. ...


This Anglo List webpage on the topic carries information on various useful contact numbers in Israel, including emergency numbers: Note you can also use 112 to contact emergency services in many countries including Israel, in which it is callable from mobile phones only.

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