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As I indicated in the other question, import of non-Kosher meat is prohibited [Israeli government website, in English]. I see no exception for quantities brought in with you. Kosher beef jerky is available in the USA, but the coals-to-Newcastle aspect is noticeable.


A list of all the customs and import fees is available on the Israeli tax authority along with explanations, forms etc. And this is their guide for customs for tourists, including student visas (In Hebrew). The guide specifies exactly what is exempt from fees, food is exempt for up to a total of 3 kg, as long as each kind of food doesn't exceed 1 kg. The ...


Israel uses a "Red Line Green Line" system, where if you have something to declare you go through the red line at the airport and they figure out duty and you pay. In the unlikely event you are using a land border, I suppose the border guard and customs is somewhere nearby. Note that import of non-Kosher meat is prohibited, on top of whatever rules apply to ...


Food is always iffy on the border but as far as I am aware beef jerky is raw meat and you can't import raw meat into Israel without a license.

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