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I answer myself. After some extensive researching, I've found this blog post in Spanish that says: The visitor center has some confortable huts with beds, bathroom and AC [..] is the only place you can stay overnight, because you cannot camp. Also, it explains that there are crocodiles in the area, so it's not a good idea to camp in the beach even ...


Much better to make an artificial island, so that you can move it where you want. A friend of mine, a journalist, has created one in Amsterdan with recycled PET in early 2000. Then he covered it with grass, a nice house and some trees. He also wrote a book about that experiment.


Actually, if you take a piece of land, and no one claims it for a while (meaning enact court action against you on order to recover the legal possession of such a land) you will eventually acquire the property/ownership of it through the legal institute that is called "Acquisitive Prescription" in US and UK law systems (it is called "Usucaption" from Latin ...

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