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I believe Sinead O'Connor has recently done a cover version of it and had it played with full permission on Islamic radio. On her blog she details that she had to use the whole thing with no cuts.


It is not inappropriate to record the calls to prayer. It is, however, considered a sign of disrespect to cut the recording short before the "muezzin" finishes reciting the call to prayer.


It is perfectly fine. The call to prayer is frequently televised so there is nothing wrong with recording it and posting it on youtube. It is done often. However, do not go to the mosque during prayer and start recording there. Its not that its not allowed, its just that you'll have to have prior permission and you may be a distraction to the congregation.


Growing up in Saudi Arabia and now living in Kuwait, I can corroborate what @MeNoTalk has said, and will add the following: All road signs are clearly marked in English and Arabic. Make sure you carry with you the identification documents for your hajj hamla (caravan). English is not an issue when walking around the Haram, as most shopkeepers will speak ...

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