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Just a heads up: there are many things in Ireland that are called a "castle", but could be more accuratly called a "stately home". If you want a castle castle (with turrets and big walls), be sure to check out the photos of the place first.


Many hotels or B&Bs will serve breakfasts (mostly with a choice of either a traditional Irish fried breakfast, or cereal/pastries). Probably just as good as going elsewhere. Sometimes hotel breakfasts can be expensive for what you get, but unless you know a local cafe selling breakfast, a hotel breakfast is probably your best bet.


For dinner (in the evening) from 6 to 9ish is when people would start. Lunch is around 12 noon to 2pm, with 1pm being the most popular. Some restaurants may have "early bird" offers, where you can eat cheaper if you start (and hence finish) earlier (i.e. start before/at 5:30pm). A restaurant might be open until midnight, but may not be serving food all ...


From personal experience, between 6 and 9 PM but in some cases later. I usually eat early and did get dinners at 6 PM, most diners did come in around 7, the time I left, but in some more expensive places people would just come in around that time and make reservations for later in the evening. I would say, like in many countries, it depends on the class of ...


The Irish Naturalisation and Immigration Service's page on biometric visas will give you more information on them. It states You may be required to provide your biometric information as part of the visa application process. ... For the purposes of the visa application process it refers to the capture of your fingerprints and, in some cases, a ...


The language shouldn't in itself be a source of trouble -- border guards will have access to documentation about how the relevant residence permits of other member states look. Note, though, that your rights under the Directive only apply when you're traveling with (or traveling to join) the union citizen in question. If you're traveling on your own you can ...

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