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When someone transits via Dublin into the UK (in your gf's case to Northern Ireland), they do so on a 90 day leave-to-enter issued by the Republic of Ireland. This allows the holder to move about the Common Travel Area. The leave-to-enter does not automatically become a six-month UK leave-to-enter by crossing a border. Regardless of where they are the ...


I give this answer without any guarantees about what happens when applying from the State itself. However, when you apply for a renewal from abroad via an embassy, they also let you keep the passport because you may well need it in the meantime (even if over a year's validity remaining). I was told via a phone call from the Passport Office in Dublin that ...


I'd suggest my site, ExchangeMouse where you can search among all 60+ home exchange websites, and find matches for a Cyprus-UK home swap. There is an option for long term exchanges, a "few months" is regarded such.


Transit visas are not valid for transit to the Republic of Ireland (here and here). This is because, due to the CTA, you must pass through border control and enter UK territory to board the flight (I am not sure why the Visitor in Transit Visa does not apply, as it is specifically for those who need to pass through Border Control). You have two options: If ...


Camping wild is illegal but tolerated, as in Wales & England (here, here and here). Sleeping in your car is legal (here).

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