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Dublin Airport is one of the rare European airports without an airside international transit area (with a minor exception that doesn't apply here). Everyone arriving at the airport from another country must clear Irish immigration before continuing onward. For this reason, anyone passing through here must either have a transit or short-stay visa or be ...


Easily enough if you go to local pubs, and stay in b&bs. Every town will usually have them, and often with live music in the pubs at night. They're usually friendly, fun, and serve good food. Source: have been to Ireland twice, first time spent a week travelling around and eating only in pubs, and the occasional bed & breakfast or hostel that ...


This question has two parts: the ESTA itself requires no proof of funds. It'd be hard for it to require one since it's valid for two years for multiple entry. At the border you might be required to provide a proof of funds but I've been crossing the border for eight years now, in total close to a hundred times now and this never happened. This is very ...


Winterfell was actually filmed in two locations, Castle Ward in Northern Ireland for the majority of the filming, and Doune Castle in Scotland for the pilot episode. It's only an hour's drive south east from Belfast. There aren't any other useful ways to get there other than the tours themselves.


I do not think you need to do that at least no in China I do not know policies in Ireland. Make sure you check with someone more crediable.

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