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This is not true as a general rule of Iran. this seems more a propaganda against Iran. Anyone wanting to travel Iran should first apply for visa in any Iran embassy. if the applicant has visited Israel before it is not a merely a reason for refusing. but it depends per case. each case should be checked individually and if there is any problem it will be ...


The second source is not correct. Traveler cheque specially "Iran cheque" is widely used by people. "Iran cheque" is same as cash money but with larger amounts and is accepted in any shop or any bank exactly same as cash money. Also people mostly use both the cash and the different national banks cards for payments in shops. Perhaps this site can help ...


I can't really answer your question, but if I were you I would definitely get a new passport before applying for the visa. These kind of things are often handled by the local officer and no-one will give you any guarantees that you will be admitted to the country even if you have a valid visa and a letter from the embassy.

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