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Categorically NO! I am a woman, I live in Iran, I go skiing EVERY week, I wear the same gear I wear when I ski in Europe or in the US. I am never, ever accompanied by men. Funnily enough, the slopes are the least 'Islamic' places in Iran and it is really amazing to see what young (unmarried) men and woman get up to there - it would make any Westerner ...


Even if Iran's neighbouring countries have good relations with Iran, the question is whether the banking system in the neighbouring countries is liable to the sanctions. Cash withdrawals through ATMs between different banks are handled through interbank networks, many of which exist as standalone networks within a country (as the Wikipedia article linked ...


Essentially your question is this: Do American and European economic sanctions directly interfere with Kuwaiti-Iranian banking and financial mechanisms? No, they do not. Although, I'm no lawyer and thus no expert, but, it does sound like something that is frowned upon by various alphabet agencies.

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