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If your visa would still be valid by August, it's perfectly fine to go to Greece then. However the Greek consulate will likely issue a limited-validity visa that would only be valid for July, unless it's not your first Schengen visa.


I agree with user "9ilsdx 9rvj 0lo" that your friend needs to get her paperwork in order. A Verpflichtungserklärung is not only an invitation letter. She agrees to pay all costs of the goverment related to your stay (and your removal, should you overstay). Because of her low income, she will have to put some money into a bond. If something goes seriously ...


You've got something wrong there. It's unlikely it's required to be home owner in order to issue VPE because most people in Germany don't own homes/flats, they just rent them. It seems your friend is not registered at her current place of living, which is mandatory, and she should do that immediately! It doesn't matter who is the owner of the place where ...


Since you're paying for everything (and let's assume your economy checks out; you'll need to provide your own bank statements, etc), the main remaining thing she needs to demonstrate is that she has a good reason to go back home after the visit, rather than stay in Schengenland and look for a job there. There is no hard requirement for how one can ...

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