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First, it is very, very unlikely for German ICEs to have all seats reserved. Many Germans don’t reserve their seats because they either have season tickets or a non-fixed itinerary or don’t want to pay the reservation fee. (This may change once reservations are included in the ticket price, but that has recently been postponed to a later, unannounced date.) ...


You would have to stand, unless there are too many people standing, so that escape ways would be blocked. In that case at first they would ask for volunteers to vacate the train (they might get some vouchers etc.). If that doesn't work out, then the police will come and remove some passengers (without getting vouchers). The last case happened some times in ...


If you are travelling terminus to terminus on a ICE train it is unlikely that you will not be able to find a seat, especially if you are not travelling at peak business times. I have used ICE trains before without reserving and never struggled to find a seat. Just check the small display above the seat and be prepared to move if a seat is free now but not ...


Just book a seat reservation only, without a ticket, if you are worried. Pick a train, select book without registering to pay with paypal or credit card, and print your reservation

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