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While it won't show ports or limits or tell you much more about the cafe (for now), you can see locations and speeds using Instabridge. It shows a map around you with available wifi, the location (eg name of cafe) and the tested speed of the connection. I've found it a handy quick resource for finding a cafe nearby.


Of course! There's the Coworking Wiki! And if you'd like a simple directory, they have a Coworking Directory indexed by location, and with a map as well. There's an iPhone app to find coworking places. There's also Sharedesk - which lets you search and book any one of thousands of meeting places world-wide as well.


The other answers so far have been mostly from a social aspect, I want to add an engineer's aspect as well: most mobile phone technologies have a "speed limit" at which they can reliably work. I am not referring to data transfer speed, but to relative speed between the handset and the base station. Depending on the exact technology (GSM, GPRS, EDGE, UMTS, ...


In addition to the info provided by DCTLib, do note that there is a bar (called “Bordbistro”) and in most cases a “restaurant” area where you can seat. If you do manage to set up a connection (and like others have already commented, I doubt that you could get a really good one), you could also look for a compartment (unlike Thalys or TGV, ICE trains also ...


German ICEs have some coaches that are considered to be "quiet zones" and some coaches are "talking zone". There are symbols on the walls that tell you what zone you are in. The symbols can be seen here: http://www.bahn.de/p/view/service/zug/handy_u_ruhebereiche.shtml So technically having a telecon is allowed in the "talking zones". For fairness, it is ...

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