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When it comes to internet, data sim in Prague, Czech Republic, Vodafone has currently the fastest 3G and 4G in Czech (measured independently by DSL). I recommend to visit the store at the airport at the time of your arrival. They all speak English, and they will find just the right solution for you. Vodafone also has a dedicated website with special plans ...


Straight talk is very reasonable sim only and they cover US and Canada (most US providers cover Canada) http://www.straighttalkbyop.com/


It should be a reply to OPs question in the comments but I don't have 50 reputation yet. If moderators can merge it somehow, please, feel free. Abonament is a long-term contract. Karta is pay-as-you-go. It is pre-paid and you charge it by buying and redeeming codes (e.g. in convenience stores and newsstands). Mix is, well, a mix of two. You pay as you go, ...


Here you have links to polish mobile operators: http://www.plus.pl http://www.orange.pl http://www.t-mobile.pl http://www.play.pl As far as I know all of them have offers of 4G mobile Internet (LTE).


First of all, Chili (MTML network) does not seem to have any "fast" mobile internet offer. Its website mentions GPRS or EDGE as technologies, some kind of receivers having a speed of up to 3Mbps. It seems confirmed by its absence from the list of LTE networks. Regarding the two other networks, Orange/Mauritius Telecom and Emtel, they both have started ...


I've talked with Telenor. Telenor cooperates with KPN, T-Mobile and Vodafone in the Netherlands. The only answer they could provide was "your current provider should know what possible packages you can have, the prices for data traffic etc". I don't believe ARP or LBO is an option in Norway. Your best bet is probably prepaid coverage from NetCom. NetCom are ...

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