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The short answer is, you can't. If you're in Poland, you'll be connecting to the Internet through an IP address known to correspond to Poland, and this is what services what Netflix use to geolocate where you are and block accordingly. What you can do, though, is proxy your traffic: you send it all over to another machine in your target country, in this ...


My latest technique is to get any connection, and then use Instabridge - a free app for Android, that does two very important things: Shows where open wifi is (including password-protected ones which have been crowdsourced - e.g. a kind soul has added his home wifi to the list). This is displayed on a map. For most of the access points shown, a tested ...


There is a booth at the arrival terminal of Istanbul Atatürk Airport. The company called IUGO. They are renting wifi modems, smartphones, tablets and GPS Navigators. Daily rent prices are approximately 3,9 Euro.

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