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Short answer: It depends. Long answer: If you are traveling to important cities (Bogota, Medellin, Barranquilla, Cali). The norm is a 5mbps minimum. In towns far away from main cities, could range from nightmare to 10mb. 3G coverage in most parts of the country is generally good.


I can say you can use Verizon, they have mifi which you can use it anywhere. You can get a prepaid one at the store. Here is a link of the options Also , I know you stated that you will be driving, depending on where you are you have to be sure you will have service as there are many dead zones. There is ...


Just went through DXB and Boingo has a 60 minute free Wifi option. It worked pretty well, including sending iMessage, Skype Video calls and Facebook. Also, once my 60 minutes was up, I got another 60 minutes free and continued to use it. This is 8 Feb 2016 at about 7:30pm

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