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From the website of the largest traincompany, NS Draadloos internet in de trein NS en haar partners bieden u gratis draadloos internet in de trein aan. Draadloos internet is nu nog in een beperkt aantal Intercity's beschikbaar, maar dat worden er steeds meer U herkent een Intercity voorzien van draadloos internet aan het Wi-Fi logo aan de ...


Since your phone is unlocked, I would recommend buying a prepaid SIM card in NZ, from either Telecom or Vodafone, as they are the largest providers and have the most coverage across the country. Since you will be there for less than a year, buying prepaid will likely be cheaper overall, and it is much more common to have a prepaid SIM in NZ than in the US. ...


Just back from trip to Norway. Used the '3' network pay as you go data card in Norway. Excellent network coverage at UK home country rates - works out to be 1p per MB. Network i was signed on to was 'N Telenor'.

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