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I know an excellent service that has a highly informal interaction and is able to make suggestions based on vague requirements. It can ask questions to refine your requirements, and is even able to suggest modifications to those requirements if it thinks you can find a good deal. It has access to all the other websites that offer cheap travel, and can pick ...


What about adioso It gives you the option to specify a destination city, country, region, continent or even simply 'anywhere', 'international' or 'domestic'. You can also specify a date or a date range for either outbound or inbound flights: It then lists the results in a very neat way as if they were packages: The only thing I wasn't able to find ...


I guess, you are looking for a list of this kind: The Most Popular Online Booking Sites in Travel This summarizes the country wise usage of each site so that you can get an idea depending on the area you want to visit. However, this list mostly shows the names of various international websites in use which may show you discounts and offers in the first ...


I've found Groupon Getaways helpful for this sort of "I want to travel somewhere on a budget within these timeframes/preferences" request. You can choose where in the world you would like to travel or what type of holiday you would like (eg "beach"), enter in your dates, and relevant options will appear. Some include flight + hotel, some only hotel. They are ...


There is at least one online company in Antalya that promises delivery within 24 hours, and you can pay extra for earlier delivery. So it's entirely possible that they could take your design and print them for you within hours if you let them know in advance.


The site http://www.hotelwifitest.com/ aims to do this sort of thing; I don't know how good it is.

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