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There are two logical answers - one a lot cheaper than the other: office hire. If this is an important call, you could look at hiring office space for a half a day. There are various companies that offer this service. A very quick search showed me companies like instantoffices.com - http://www.instantoffices.com/en/fr/office-space/paris?for=0-3&size=1 ...


Sharedesk lists a couple options for hourly coworking within your budget of under 15 euro/hour, depending on the time.


This doesn't exist. Per Wikivoyage Internet cafes can be found at ETESCA (the state telephone company) offices, in Hotel Habana Libre, Hotel Inglatera (cheapest but slowest), Hotel Nacional and at the Capitolio. The Wikipedia article on ETECSA: The cost of Internet access is CUC$4.50 per hour (or CUC$0.60 for domestic intranet access and CUC$1.50 ...


The place called IUGO and it was at the Ataturk Airport, Arrival Terminal. We rented a wifi modem and paid tptal of 29 Euro per 5 days.


Probably every major provider has something in this direction (that is, I know that two have it, not sure for one, and everything else are just resellers of these three) Recommendation: A1 has (at least) two prepaid data plans, best coverage (measured, not subjectivly), etc.etc., see below. DonĀ“t use: "3", because since they merged with another company, ...


You can try heading for a hostel to use their chillout room. You might need to ask for the WiFi password, and if you fell guilty about the fact that you're not a guest there you can always buy something at the hostel bar, if any. Moreover some hostels do not have passwords protected WiFi networks. One example hostel where this might work is the St ...


If the weather is good, one of the outside free options might do for you, depending on how good your computer/phone is in connecting. I remember sitting near the east end of Notre Dame cathedral in a relatively quiet garden. Use a headset with a good mike and you can talk in very low tones. Besides, I have seen many a person do skype type calls in internet ...

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