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The Cayman Islands require US passports to be valid for the period of intended stay, meaning if the Airline decides to double check, you won't be able to board the flight. What's more, even if you do get on you just might get sent back at the border (although border guards may choose to give leeway if it's just about one day)


In addition to the passport validity problem Crazydre points out, you're assuming the Consular Agency there can renew your passport in a couple of days, with several of those days being on a weekend. There's no particular reason to believe they can do it so quickly. You'd also need to have passport photos and the other required documents to process your ...


Some strategies: Take less out of the ATM. It may dispense different denominations and give you smaller notes if you only ask for a little money. This, of course, may backfire on you if you have to pay an ATM fee, since the fixed fee will add up to a higher percentage of the money taken out. But if you have a free ATM (or one where only a percentage-based ...


They can put the watch wherever they want. Watches are not safety relevant items (like laptop batteries) which can not be put into checked luggage. Your parents may have to declare the watch at customs and may have to pay duty or taxes on it. But that's completely independent of what luggage they are stowed in. If it needs to be declared, custom will most ...


If this watch is of any value then I would strongly recommend to put in in the carry-on luggage, to make sure it is not (1) stolen or (2) broken when the checked-in luggage is handled on the airport.


No. The UK is not in the Schengen area (area without border checks) so you need a passport: Can I use my driving licence as an ID document at the border? NO - A driving licence isn't a travel document. You'll need a valid national identity card or passport. FAQs - Travel documents for EU nationals (NB: a UK driving licence is not the same thing ...


You can't. Entry to Australia requires "a valid passport or other acceptable travel document", which for an Indian citizen means an Indian passport. Once you have the passport, you will need to apply for a Visitor visa (subclass 600). At time of writing, these take about three weeks to process in India


I got an urgent-processing passport recently. The rules are here. I don't think there's an official cut-off time, but I showed up as early as I could in the morning just in case, recommend the same to you, since even when I showed up early there was already a line in the urgent category. You need proof of travel (airline printout with reservation number is ...


Resolution: Went to passport agency in LA at 5:30am (opens at 7am). Luckily they were able to take me without an appointment and received a renewed passport by 3pm the same day. Thank you all for your feedback.


When your passport is filled, you get a new one, new number and the old one is cancelled. They do not "continue". If you have long term visas in your old passport, you can bring the old passport as well as the new one when you travel to those destinations.


If you intend to carry them in the plane as hand luggage, I guess it won't make it as it is beyond the 100 ml limit. But if you put it in your checked-in luggage, assuming those can't cause fire or damage to the plane, you should be ok. You can check with the airline to be 100% sure.


In Japan, Japan Post Bank ATMs give 1,000 and 10,000 yen bills only. You can request arbitrary amounts of each, and the bills to be dispensed are displayed for confirmation before the transaction is complete. The easiest way to request 1,000 yen bills when withdrawing an amount which is a multiple of 10,000 is to use the 千 (1,000) button instead of or in ...


Small shops are usually reluctant to take large notes at the beginning of the day, because they start with a limited amount of cash to make the change. Once they've had a few customers, they usually have enough money in the cash register to accommodate you. So, if you have troubles paying a shop with a large note, you should simply try again later, ...


Some ATM's in Western Europe ask you what denomination you prefer. If that is not the case, I usually try to do some mental arithmetic and withdraw an amount which cannot easily be factored by whatever large denominations exist in the foreign country. Say, for example, you are in the Euro Zone and want to avoid €50 notes. You can withdraw an amount that ...


Where Is it Illegal to Import Poppy Seeds? This list is by no means comprehensive as regulations may vary over time. Singapore I would like to know if I am allowed to bring poppy seeds into Singapore for my baking business. Poppy seeds are classified as prohibited goods by the Central Narcotics Bureau (CNB). Any company or person who wishes ...


You should be fine. Generally the credit card is at least authorized at the time that you check out, so if the system required an exact match on the billing address it would have flagged as an error at that point in time. If you want to double check you could always check your credit card account to see if the payment has gone through.


Billing address is strictly for billing. If they issued the ticket, you are fine. For most vendors, the credit-card company gives them progressively lower rates as they collect more information, so if the vendor supplies your name and address, the transaction only costs them (for example) 1.8% but with the credit-card number, it's 1.9%. Once you have the ...


The short answer is "no". You should be able to check-in and fly without any issue. No for the invoice, you might not receive it if the address is wrong. You can probably contact the airline to make the correction after the fact.


The codes are the different Fare Basis codes available for the flight. The first character of the code is (usually) the booking class (example for UA). The different types of fare basis indicate flights with differing flexibility and restrictions, such as requiring so many days advance booking, Saturday night stays and cancellation penalties. In your case, ...


The way many people solve this, or at least attempt to, is by using a neck support, and then alcohol or drugs. Ideally if you take any form of sleep inducing pill, you should take it after you take off in case the flight returns to the gate and you need to deboard. If you do choose to take this route, I'd recommend trying your chosen strategy before your ...


Can you train yourself to sleep upright, yes. But is it worth it? People all over the world adapt to sleeping in various position, on hard cement floors, V shape in hammocks, on pillow beds, in broad daylight, etc. It is basically a matter of doing it day after day until your body adapts. But do you really want to spend a couple of weeks without good ...


I try to pay for each purchase using only the next larger denomination. That what I end up with plenty of change. Paying for a 1200 rupee hotel? Use 2x 1000 rupee notes. Paying for a 120 rupee taxi? Use a 500 rupee note. Paying for a 15 rupee bottle of water? Use a 20 rupee note.


You can request the expedited service by mail for renewing your passport. And they will renew it in 3 weeks only (instead of the 8 weeks it could take) paying $60 extra. It will be somehow faster if you go either to a Passport Agency in person or use the services of a passport expediting company. However this option will also take more than 1 week. You ...

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