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After calling multiple car rental places and explaining the situation they told me that you are able to rent a car using your EU drivers license and taking advantage of better pricing options through local branch websites, as long as you give them your US address when you book and present your EU license at the counter


If you are living and working in the US then you are not a resident of the EU. Telling the rental company that you are leaves your self open to problems. It may invalidate the contract and any insurance you take out. On the other hand that is no reason not to present your EU driver's license If it is valid. I also doubt that your residency makes a big ...


Travel insurance covers you for non-voluntary causes, ie: accidents, illness, deaths, etc to yourself or immediate family members or travel companions. It also covers acts by the airline or tour operators or other travel suppliers that may block or interrupt your travel plans. But simply changing your mind is not covered. That is a choice you made and ...


I just organized an evacuation from Tel Aviv to Chicago. For the patient on a stretcher with his wife and medic it cost $26,000


Wow. Here I thought the US abolished debtors prisons in the 19th century. You can't get arrested for failing to pay a loan or a hospital bill or such (taxes and child support is an entirely different kind of beast). So if this is about a debt in the USA, you won't be held at the airport or anywhere else neither will you be deported. Law enforcement does not ...

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