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If you believe the UK MotorInsurers'Bureau page on the green card the green card is not necessary within the EU if the car is registered and insured in the EU: I have been told that a Green Card is not necessary for travel in Europe. Is this true? It is correct that a Green Card is not required by law to cross borders within the European Union. This ...


There is the concept in the US of "Non-Owner" car insurance for people just like you. You can read about the concept here. Progressive offers coverage specifically for car rentals. Presumably most large insurance companies do, too, so you can call around and pick a price point you like.


As Mexican citizen, she doesn't need to apply for a visa and therefore does not need insurance. While a return ticket is not formally required, it's certainly useful to be able to show one. Border guards can ask her to produce other supporting documents but most of the time they don't do it. See also Documents necessary (and recommended) for first time ...


Could there be a problems with Swedish customs, if that is not in paper, is on her cellphone? Chances are she will be just fine. I have travelled without any insurance documents many a times and never been asked to furnish it either at border controls or anywhere while travelling inside the EU (I carry my EHIC card always anyway). If asked anywhere ...


I don't think any form of health insurance coverage is legally required to enter the US as a US citizen or, in most cases, as an alien so you don't absolutely need anything special. The NHS has some information on healthcare abroad and a list of countries with which it has an agreement but, unsurprisingly given the local healthcare system, the US is not one ...


I would talk to your credit card company. That is probably your best bet. Alternatively, you could have a friend rent and drive the rental car while you use their personal vehicle as many times standard auto insurance would cover you as a guest driver on the personal car and your friend in the rental car. But, that's a lot to ask of a friend.


There are no restrictions to entering the uk without travel or medical insurance. The uk health system will treat any emergency without question, but US national are not entitled to full free treatment (unlike eu citizens, with which there is a reciprocal agreement), so the hospital, or gp would may be seeking payment for the services given, especially if ...

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