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I live in French Polynesia (tropical country) and I use monoi. I works very well against mosquitoes, you just have to put more every 3-4 hours. The mosquitoes here really like to bite the feet, especially when I'm working at my desk so I don't bother covering my whole body with monoi, just my feet and ankles.


The same precautions to prevent malaria apply for preventing Zika. On top of that, the current and future spread of Zika is fairly well documented, so you could choose to avoid particular areas. That said, though there are obvious risks, there are much more likely challenges to worry about (malaria, dengue, food poisoning, etc.) As you can see in the ...


No country will ever control the mosquito, at best they might reduce its population in cities. Mosquitoes are one place GMO would be great, modify their genes so the female does not need to blood to produce her eggs ;-) There is only one real course of action against Zika, Dengue, JE and the myriad of other mosquito borne diseases ... don't get bitten. ...


Most of the people won't have any reaction from what the news are saying. Then, it is really hard to know the long term impact of an infected mosquito bite. With regards to protections : There are a lot of products available to protect yourself from mosquito. Those are pretty effective. Then, an obvious protection is to leave the lowest possible number of ...

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