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If you have to put up with it, WikiHow has an article that summarises how to relieve the bites. I was researching this back in July for my first bugs experience :/ They cover a few steps: Detect bite(s) Take a shower immediately, using antibacterial soap - helps relieve itching Apply either an anti-septic cream or lotion Rub ice cubes to a) stop swelling ...


We were up at Chichibu last weekend, and they were selling the Giant Sparrow Bees in a baby food jar in some kind of syrup and were told by the vendor that the stingers are removed and that the bees are Eaten after drinking the syrup. She demonstrated for us. They are supposedly food for building muscle and considered a delicacy


There is plenty of information on venomous snakes, spiders, scorpions, etc on the web, just search with more specifics, ie: poisonous snakes in Arizona, scorpions in Utah, etc. If you are simply exploring the parks as a tourist, walking the marked trails, visiting overlooks, etc, you need not worry too much about it. Most smaller animals will avoid us same ...


Kill 'Em All I am afraid that the usual repellents for mosquitoes and the like will not work for bedbugs. I am also sure that your hands-on experience on the topic testifies this, since I bet you have already tried this solution. :) There are however a number of commercially available bed bug sprays, ranging from extremely powerful and harmuful for humans, ...


Some years back I went to a butterfly farm in Suriname. Their core business was exporting butterfly dolls to European and American Butterfly gardens. At the time it seemed like a very interesting business model. Due to the climate American and European butterfly gardens depend on a steady stream of new Dolls. I was told that the through put was a shipment ...


Also, when camping overnight in Yosemite, Sequoia & Kings Canyon you are REQUIRED bear bag for food or even bear can: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bear-resistant_food_storage_container and having a bear spray might be a good precaution.

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