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Would this website be helpful? I have not used this website though. Another one I found, but it is in indonesian Probably you already know this one


There are boats going everyday: From Singapore to Batam Island (Riau archipelago) From Klang (KL harbor) to Tujung Balai (Nord Sumatra) From Malaka to Dumai (Sumatra/Riau province) Except for the Singapore-Batam, information can be hard to find, but I took all of those boats in a not too distant past. I know there are visa on arrival at Dumai and Batam....


According to Lonely Planet, Malaysia to Indonesia by ferry can be a bit dicey. Some cursory other research does not look promising either. I would recommend taking AirAsia from Kuala Lumpur to Medan or Pekanbaru. It might be slightly pricier than a ferry but would be more convenient and have a lower likelihood of immigration related friction. There is a ...

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