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Based on my experiences and conversations in Bali so far (specifically: Ubud, Denpasar, Sanur), it appears that tipping works something like this: Restaurants You're generally not expected to tip, but there are exceptions: At some restaurants, a 5% "service fee" will be added to your bill. As printemps noted, you will encounter a sort of "share the ...


its kind of traditional ornament when some one get married


I'm Indonesian. To my knowledge, tipping is not common in Indonesia (no unwritten rules or the like). But yes, sometimes they expect a tip, especially when the guest (local or foreigner) is considered rich. Most Indonesians assume that people coming from developed countries are rich. Even when they are not, the currency exchange rate makes them rich in ...


There's a useful breakdown for tipping in different scenarios at this web site (whototip.net). I can't vouch for the accuracy of this information (not sure where the web developer got his info) but it appears to be pretty thorough.


PT Amerthadana Car Rental appears to. The link I've provided does a sample manual search for motorcylces, and as at the time I'm writing this, it's showing Kawasakis, Hondas, and Yahamas in manual transmission. While their Main Office is located in Blumbungan, Sibang Kaja, Badung Regency on Java, they have a Branch office at Warkudara Street. No. 104, ...

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