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The terminal is bigger (and now air conditioned!) but the lines for entry are no better than before. In addition, the government has encouraged travel agencies not to provide "VIP service" where you can pay $30 or so to skirt the line. The travel agent I spoke with said that the restriction would probably be loosened again in 3 months or so. "VIP Service" ...


There's no hard evidence in this thread on ThaiVisa.com, but it's clear something happened in 2008 (during which time Coke Light was nearly unavailable) that led to this differential. Speculation includes an attempt to drive purchases of Coke Zero, a production shortage, or simply a desire to raise prices.


Many soft drinks come in both glass bottles and in cans. The bottled version is less expensive, because the bottles are returnable. The cans not returnable, so you pay more since the container is not reusable. When you get into specialty versions, such as Coke Light, Coke Zero, etc, they tend to only come in cans, so they can be labeled as such. The ...


Because people are willing to pay more, price is set at the highest level that does not depress demand too much. It may be that locals will drink the cheaper coke, but travellers are willing to pay more for the Diet, so allowing the market to be segmented.


Two possibilities spring to mind. Coca Cola is produced by local partners, http://www.coca-colacompany.com/our-company/bottler-web-sites it is possible that the local partner in Indonesia does not have the space on its production line to make diet coke, which means that it would have to be imported, hence the higher price. The second thought that I had ...

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