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That is the Ogden Point breakwater.


This statue is in Heihe (黑河), Heilongjiang, China, on a riverside promenade on the south side of the Amur River, opposite the Russian city of Blagoveshchensk to the north. Here's a random visitor's album of other sights in the vicinity, and here are a few more views of the statue: ...


Gokyo Lake, Himalaya Mountains, Nepal. Sources: 1, 2, 3.


As mentioned, those are stations of the Way of the Cross (via crucis in Latin, kálvária in Hungarian). These particular stations were created by sculptor Szakál Ernő in 1961. The path they're on leads to the Calvary Chapel, which was built in 1770.


This is a photo of Gray Whale Cove State Beach, taken from the Pacific Coast Highway.


This looks a lot like Gray Whale Cove State Beach in California, just south of San Francisco. Your picture (while certainly 'photoshopped' to some degree) seems to have been taken from a similar viewpoint to the one tiny picture in image gallery on the California Parks & Recreation page for this location.


While I cannot identify the specific beach, that area looks very much like the California coast, especially the Devil's Slide section just south of San Francisco, in its ruggedness and the presence of the ice-plants, the whited rock, the fog, and the road (which would be Route 1) running along the cliff. (Wikipedia photo of Devil's Slide) The landscape ...


Lake Quill, New Zealand. source: Microsoft Community

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