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This photo is of Riva del Garda on Lake Garda, Italy. The photo is titled A night suspended in time by Mattia Bonavida. You may find several other photos of this scene and surrounding areas at Getty Images.


The location is here on google maps. The name is Il porticciolo di Nervi. A page with an alternate image can be seen on The location is near to Genoa. How I found it. I came to the same conclusion as @mts that it was South facing. It looked like nobody was around with the sun fairly low and shadows cast from the East. There was also a green ...


The picture is from Lake Louise in Banff National Park in Alberta, Canada, in the Canadian Rockies. That view is probably from the Fairmont hotel. It's one of the top nature destinations in Canada and if you're interested in visiting, they're open pretty much all year round though to get that view you have to go in summer.


Getty Images: The giant reclining Buddha of the Zinathukha pagoda surrounded by the jungle and stupas. This reclining Buddha, of which the concrete structure is 200 metres long and 40 metres high and the unfinished construction started in 1992, is reportedly the largest of its kind in the world. This in the town of Mudon, Mon State, Myanmar.


Measured very crudely on the image, and compared to how large the wingtip of a 767 ought to appear from a window, it would appear that the length of the red dashed line on the image is between 50% and 100% of the altitude the picture is taken from. That means the true size of the small white smears that make up the formation is in the range of tens of meters....


I searched for the screens showing wait times and found this article with the screens in at JFK T4. Also an image of the same corridor: Permanent resident, returning ESTA and B1/B2 holders can use the kiosks. All other visa holders and first time ESTA visitors cannot. I believe there might be separate APC queues for US/Canadian citizens and visitors. ...


This is a building near Zvyozdnaya metro station in St. Petersburg: Exact GPS location: 59.833285, 30.349010. The letters on top say "Beer House", which is a local chain of pubs.


This article provides the possibility that it is Ivanpah: Airplane pilots reported that they were blinded by the intense sunlight reflecting off some of the 340,000 mirrors at the Ivanpah Solar Electric Generating System on the California-Nevada border. ... He’s not alone. “Daily, during the late morning and early afternoon hours we get ...


How about Stegastein viewpoint?


Other answers suggesting a solar farm match well with your image. Based on your estimates of 1.5 to 2 hours before arrival you were probably somewhere between the green lines shown on this image of the flight route. Wikipedia advises that Colarado has: Antonito Southeast 9,712 acres (865 MW - 1,557 MW) De Tilla Gulch 1,064 acres (135 MW - 243 MW) ...


Or from the viewpoint at Bergsbotn, Senja


This link shows what looks to be the same peak: Birishiri of Shusong Durgapur, Netrokona The exact image you show is also named as Birishiri on this blog and Durgapur Upazila, Bangladesh on Panoramio saying: This picture is taken from Birisiri, Shusong-Durgapur. Photographer is unknown, do not be confuse because I found this picture from friend of ...


This attraction hillside in Taiwan Alishan. Called the Two Yanping Mountain Trail. My family was living in the mountains corner 40 minutes travel.

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