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My guess would be the Mohonk Mountain House, "Around the last bend, a Victorian castle rises above Lake Mohonk, surrounded by carefully landscaped gardens and pristine wilderness. Inside you discover a warm interior that is reminiscent of the beauty outside – extensive woodwork, fireplaces constructed from Shawangunk stone, and expansive windows that frame ...


From diamond geezer's blogspot: At the Goresbrook interchange, the most iconic of Artscape's installations. The two exit roundabouts each rise to a sharp elevated point, curved and conical, created from a skin of black tarmac. Officially they're named Scylla and Charybdis, but their shape has earned the nickname Madonna's Bra, or (sssh) Madonna's Tits. ...


Going out on a limb here I would say that it represents a play-on-words. Placing a Witches' Hat on a roundabout recalls the homonym carousel game. A witches' hat roundabout, is according to Wikipedia: A cone shaped playground roundabout that is mounted in such a way that the axis of rotation is free to tilt. In the old days, these roundabouts looked ...


The background is called 'Temple' by Jason Absolom. It was one of the announced wallpapers chosen in a competition for the selection of them. I believe it is a composite image and not a real place, which is why I'm putting this as an answer, but if I'm proven wrong I'm happy to remove it.

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