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Heineken Bar at Incheon Airport The Incheon Airport webpage mentions Heineken Bar, one in the East and one in the West side of the duty free area, both next to gate 4F. I don't know if they have draught beer, but the name looks promising. Below is a screenshot from the linked site: The Jet Lagged Lizard at Incheon A couple hundred metres outside of the ...


I completed my travel. I can confirm that the shower rooms are completely self contained. You can leave your luggage at the front desk or carry it with you inside. The shower rooms look exactly like the pictures. The towels are small in size and you need to ask for multiple ones for an adult. It doesn't cost anything even for the "amenities". The only thing ...


You can take the metro from Incheon to Gimpo. The line is named AREX It takes 34 min and costs 3550 ₩ (~3 € / $). Itinerary on


Take the Airport Railroad to Seoul Station and from there a "Mugunghwa" train to Daejeon. The "all stop" train (1 hour journey) from the airport to Seoul costs 3950 KRW. There is an express train doing the journey in 30 minutes. It costs 8000 KRW. The train from Seoul top Daejeon (journey ...


Take the train. The AREX will whisk you from Incheon Airport straight to Gimpo Airport in 35 minutes for just 3,550 won (~US$3), with trains every 10 minutes or so. Note that you'll need to take the regular (commuter) service, the express goes straight to Seoul Station. There are also bus services, which can be marginally faster if traffic is in your ...


From the Lonely Planet forums: Transit passengers who do not clear customs will not have access to any ATM in Incheon Airport. The only ATMs at Incheon airport are outside the sacred circle of customs. So if you need cash when you land at Incheon, you have to clear customs. There are two currency exchanges on the transit side that will ...


I've never come across a country where ATM fees varied depending on the location of the ATM. Whilst it's certainly possible that there exist some "private" ATMs in various airports that charge more, but the normal bank-operated ATMs will charge exactly the same fees and give exactly the same exchange rate through-out the country. Specific to Seouls Incheon ...


I've been. The queues aren't very long. When I went I only had to wait for 1 person. It just depends on who is there before you really. I would suggest not to take too long because after a while you will get a knock on your door. Towels are very small - more like hand towels but I couldnt really complain seeing as the toilet and shower are free with free ...


The first AREX airport express from Seoul station leaves at 6:00 AM, arriving at 6:43. The service is reliable and ICN is a very efficient airport, so this should be plenty of time to check in for your flight and go through security. Your issue will be getting from Yeoksam to Seoul station, because this is too early for the subway. Google Maps suggests ...


I think this is the best way, limousine bus #6020 Pretty cheap and direct from where I need to the airport.


There is an immigration office behind G check-in counter on the 3rd floor of main terminal. More details can be found on leaflet. Btw it would be better to ask the information desk first.


Whenever I fly through Incheon Airport from the US to China and Hong Kong, I never need to go through customs/immigration. I usually stay within the airport and do a transfer, which does not require a visa. If you exit the airport, then you will need to go through customs/immigration. And Indonesian passport holders will need a visa to visit Korea (exit ...


Yup, at heiniken bar now. The only beer they sell is heiniken. They sell coffee and some food items. Well, it's called heineken bar.


The answer seems to be No. None of the currency exchange counters listed Turkish Lira on their boards but I didn't ask either since the rate for US dollars was reasonable I decided to go with SigueSigueBen's advice in the converse question I also asked.

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