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I would say no, not on the roads or paths, but there is only one thing you can expect from Iceland's weather - that it's unpredictable. Last year I've been to þingvellir in late February and there was no snow on roads or paths, unless you drove through the mountains. However, this year the winter they have is so fierce, they consider giving it a name! I ...


Here are a few apps I have found which work offline by allowing you to download maps with regular updates. All you need is a GPS enabled android phone to install these apps and your phone will replace the regular GPS device many people use. They also provide maps to most countries, though it would be advisable to check for map accuracy before using the apps ...


Google Maps actually allows you to save maps and use them while you don't have WiFi. This article outlines exactly how to do it, you basically save a map of wherever you'd like. I actually did this in Montreal recently and it was a lifesaver! Plus, since it's Google Maps, it should work just about everywhere.


Google Maps has: via Suðurlandsvegur/Þjóðvegur 1 and Route 41 11 h 36 min 958 km 11 h 36 min without traffic Keflavík International Airport 235, Iceland Continue to Reykjanesbraut/Route 41 3 min (1.9 km) Continue on Route 41. Drive from Reykjanesbraut, Vesturlandsvegur and Þingvallavegur to Suðurland 1 h 5 min (87.3 km) Drive to your destination 3 ...

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