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A quote from the Icelandic customs page: 1 liter spirits and 1 liter wine and 6 liters beer or 3 liters wine and 6 liters beer or 1 liter spirits and 9 liters beer or 1,5 liters wine and 9 liters beer or 12 liters beer The minimum age for bringing alcoholic beverages into Iceland is 20 ...


Smyril Line operates a car ferry between Hirtshals (Denmark) and Seyðisfjörður (Iceland), via Tórshavn (Faroe Islands), generally making one trip per week.


Yes, 16 days should be plenty of time in my opinion. I have driven the ring road several times, sometimes in much shorter time, but then of course not with quite so many activities. I took a brief look at your itinerary and it looks good. It covers many interesting places, although I would strongly recommend you to consider visiting the magical and ...

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