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There's a question about this on Skeptics-SE: The accepted answer gave two examples of people being deported for lying on their forms, including one who didn't mention her history with the SS when she applied for a visa in 1959, and the DoJ caught up with her in 2004 and deported her.


Well firstly, it's a way of stating objections the US has to certain people entering their country. That makes a legal basis. It's their way of saying to every person, upfront "if you do this, we don't want you here". To most of us, that makes no difference, but those who say, have committed genocide or have communicable diseases are made aware of it. ...


I've never been in the exact situation you describe, but Visa Waivers are a very low-maintenence way to get in. My advice would be to explain to the immigration officer when you go into the US. I'm pretty sure the answer will be that they will give you a new I94W on the spot (with of course a new fee, if they still do that). You backup plan would be that ...

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