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As of July 2015 there is currently not a location to get a haircut at Miami airport This link lists all of the retail, food, and services at Miami airport has an information page on what to do during a layover including information on art exhibitions at the airport.


I think it is the nanny state thing. There are rules for everything in the USA (second most universalist nation behind Switzerland) and you might just be doing something naughty in the bathroom... like emptying your bladder. I used to think that the builders couldn't measure properly but it's definitely about keeping a watch on you.


I landed sitting on the toilet Tuesday in Atlanta from Amsterdam. Dont eat smoked salmon on ur flight. Ouch. I actually told the flight attendant I couldnt wait and she just told me to stay put until the plane stopped. I held on tight and honestly it wasnt that bad aside from the cramps.


I have just come back from a month in Japan, travelling through Tokyo, Takayama, Kanazawa, Osaka and Kyoto, mainly in tourist sites. There was toilet paper in every western style toilet except one at the Heian shrine in Kyoto which had a vending machine selling toilet paper right outside.

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