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I wish to hear answer from a female person as well – MikkaRin Here's the female from India. I haven't yet seen a toilet paper so there is no question of me knowing how to use it. I don't carry nor I know of anyone carrying a secret towel. Here's how I do it: 1. I don't directly place the shower's head towards my bottom since the water may splash ...


Get a Hand Bidet Sprayer @ www.bathroomsprayers.com and then you can clean with water conveniently. Nothing you can do about a public toilet but as soon as you get home you'll be all set and your visiting guests will be much happier also!


This may not be exactly what you are looking for, but it will be better than just dry toilet paper. Wet wipes are sold in most grocery/sundries stores in the baby section. They can even be purchased in small packages which are made to fit in a purse and some of them are specifically sold as being flushable (i.e. it's ok to just throw them in the toilet ...


I am an Asian we are used hand showers in toilet. There are no health problems for using hand showers, the same action when you are used papers, about the cold its related to place you are traveling. Most Asian countries are average temperature so it's not a problem.


Many of my Japanese colleagues (as well as Indian colleagues) usually prefer to stay in hotels that provide bidet toilet pots. If that is not available then most will keep an empty bottle in their bathrooms. I can say this for sure about my buddies from the Middle East, India and Asia in general. It is fairly common to instruct house keeping not to dispose ...

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