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The bottom "gaps" are for ADA. Minimum 12" so feet and foot rests clear...I believe. The cracks between doors are just poor construction tolerances that nobody in the States seems to care about.


In western Europe, the practice of shaking hands is common, with anyone you meet, including your doctor. Recent research shows that there is very low risk to that; if you seriously want to avoid getting infection, you should adopt the East-Asian pratice of wearing face masks in public.


Toilet seat theft is a common and real problem in the Philippines. One of the major reasons listed for the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) Terminal 1 being voted the worst in the world to sleep in is toilet seat theft. People list Manila as having the same ...


Unlike the west where people feel a need to cover their toilets, there are plenty of toilets in the Philippines (and the rest of Asia) designed without seats. And plenty more cases where the owner didn't bother with the extra cost of the seat (or replacing it). Higher end hotels will usually have western set ups with a seat and lid, lower cost guesthouses ...


Is it that by original design, they were simply omitted? In general no, it's largely because if nobody complains then there's no incentive for somewhere to spend the money/effort to replace a missing seat. In some places you do get purpose made toilets that don't have seats or don't have removable seats however these are obvious and the cases you ...


As an European I was always uncomfortable to use any public facility in USA, for the same reason and I asked myself, over and over, the same question "Why????" . The official answer is here where you'll find this stunning ABSURD reason: STALL DOORS To prevent unnecessary queuing, anyone entering the restroom should be able to easily determine the ...

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