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I originally made this a comment to one of the other answers, but I decided to make it more detailed, with explanation of the medication you can get. It falls into several groups: Anti-diarrhetics: Namely Imodium, are good at stopping the diarrhea, but not good at curing the disease itself. An analogy is taking painkillers for toothache, it doesn't quite ...


Apart from all the useful information given in the answers above, you can carry a pack of Adult diapers. (http://www.healthkart.com/personal-care/elderly-care/adult-diapers?navKey=SCT-pc-dia). A friend of mine had a similar situation about 8 years back when we didnt have these diapers available at ease so he had to just use a largest baby one, somehow and ...


Based on advice from FlyerTalk, which suggested AA then CX then BA, I decided to try out the first two. (I know the BA ones from T5). It's a tough job, but those showers won't review themselves... The short answer - AA, by a nose The American Airlines lounges showers seem to be located between the two lounges, and I think everyone can have access. (Those ...


There is a shower in the lower level at the Gare du Nord. And it does cost 6 euro. Unfortunately, it is full of these small flies and it doesn't get cleaned well. The cleaning ladies just spray water after many really dirty people wash up. It's gross. I think that the gare de Austerlitz has cleaner showers.


What you might be looking for are wet wipes. In order for them to kill 99.9% of the bacteria, they need at least 70% alcohol.

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