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There's really only one choice: the Karakorum Highway. Regular buses travel between last Pakistani town on the highway, Sust, and Kashgar. The only caveat is that the highway is subject to closure during the cold season, so it is best to arrange for travel before November. Sust is not a particularly nice place, so if possible try and get tickets before ...


I would recommend PTDC (Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation). They have very good travel plans for Northern Areas of Pakistan. You will have to reach Islamabad/Rawalpindi first. The best way to do that is to reach Quetta which is a border city adjacent to Iran. Then take a flight from Quetta to Islamabad. Road journey form Quetta to Islamabad may well ...


From Quetta, you can take a train which travels to Punjab province. From there, you will almost certainly need to pass through Islamabad/Rawalpindi, which is the transit point to the Northern Areas and Azad Kashmir. The most dangerous parts of the country are northern Baluchistan, the North West Frontier Province and Sindh, but you will skip the worst by ...


I am local resident of Hunza living in Berlin. I think the best way is to get a local contact/guide who can travel with you from Quetta to Hunza. I would prefer to hire a local to and take public transport to travel. Once you are in Gilgit, you can travel all alone anywhere, any time to Hunza. It is safe!


I am native Burushaski speaker but unfortunately we can't afford schools to teach Burushaski. The best way to learn such a language to work and live with locals and I would recommend Hunza (Karimabad, Aliabad) where you can find people who are interested in learning your language and in exchange they can help you learning Burushaski. We have an ...


I am very interested in this question since I love languages myself. I spent quite long time trying to find an answer, searching all over the internet using English, Arabic and some Urdu. Unfortunately no teacher, course or school were found. Anyway, I found the Burushaski language page in the Endangered Languages Project site, which led me to the ...


Currently, the most safe region is Hunza and towards China. Take a NACTO bus from Gilgit city. I don't think there any any issues related to security in the region. Afghanistan and Kashmir are not on the way to China :) The people there live above 2000m altitude, no terrorist can breathe in these regions :). To enjoy and know more be with a local.

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