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For travels from Hungary, try these carshare services (most of them don't have English websites, but just fill fields "honnan" = from and "hová" = to): http://utitars.oszkar.com/ http://www.autohop.hu/


A similar cheap prepaid SIM in Hungary could be Bluemobile in Lidl stores. You might try Tesco stores for their service or bigger service providers as Vodafone. Buying SIM cards in Hungary need registration of personal data, so a passport or ID must be at hand.


Wizz Air does not have a frequent flier programme but it does have a Wizz Discount Club which seems to be just what you need: an annual €29.99 gives you a €10 discount on ticket fares with the following conditions: Discount is available on all fares from €19.99. Discounts are not available for and excluding flights operated by Wizz Air Ukraine. Fares ...


Take a look at the website Kayak.com and use the "3 days before/after" to search. Note there is only one airline that flies between Eindhoven and Budapest. See the image. You can click the days to find the lowest price combination for trips originating from Eindhoven. Also try trips originating from Budapest to come the other direction... they may be ...

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