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First, if you were solely a US citizen before, then you shouldn't have been able to obtain a "90-day visa" for Hungary. That would be a short-stay visa according to the Schengen rules, and such visas are not issued to Americans. Instead US citizens are allowed short stays in the Schengen area without any visa as long as they are not present in the area for ...


In Europe, show your European passport. In the US, show your US passport - always... when going in or out of the country/region, show only (ONLY) the "best" passport for the situation. Basically, you won't have any more stamps or visas to worry about. Think if it this way: it's called a passport for a reason, it lets you pass; if you have European, you ...


Hertz lists cars that need to be returned to the origin country, and if you rent one of those they waive the one way fee. The website listing such deals for europe is I imagine a couple more companies would have a similar listing available. If anyone lists them in the comments I will add to the answer.

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