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Pearl Harbor might be a little easier to get to when in Honolulu. There are regularly scheduled buses that go to Pearl Harbor. The ones you are looking for are Route 9, PH2, PH3, PH4, PH5. There is one free transfer with any one way fare and fare for an adult is $2.50 one way. The best I could find on Mauna Kea is the organized tour which will run about $...


There are many travel agencies that you can give your passport and filled visa application to, and they will apply for the visa for you in person at the appropriate Chinese consulate (in Los Angeles).


Well as they say: "There is an app for that". There is apparently an application for iOS that can provide you with self-guided tour of Honolulu. There is also another self-guided walking tour of downtown Honolulu. All of the guided tours of Honolulu would actually require people to pay but it may be possible that the hotels would offer discounts or even ...

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