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Assuming you are referring to these shuttles the answer is probably yes. I use them frequently and there is no kind of ticket or access control that I'm aware off. You just hop on at the hotel (or the station) and get off wherever you want. You don't need any MTR ticket or any sort of proof ...


The ticket (1 or 2 day) allows you the entrance and use of the park attractions nothing else, is valid for 6 months since the first time you purchase it tho. If you are looking for some discounts, special entraces and so, I recommend you to upgrade or buy the Magic Access that gives you special discounts and premium entrances to some events such as Magic ...


Yes, this is standard practice that Indian visitors with Visa-on-arrival follow. Just make a trip to Macau, and enter again.


Here is how it is supposed work: in the station (Hong Kong or Kowloon) you go through a turnstile. The turnstile has an RF card reader which can read (and invalidate) the ticket. Typically you need to swipe the ticket over the reading area next to the turnstile but if you are lucky the reader may still see it if it's just in your hand. After it's read, the ...


There is no crime in taking the ticket. A ticket can often be useful as a receipt for business expenses purposes, especially if you didn't get a receipt when you bought it. I'm not sure how you managed to get to the train without going through a ticket barrier in Hong Kong though. In any case you paid for the journey and have a ticket to prove it.

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