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As a foreigner residing in Hong Kong, I would actually advise you not to worry about the language since majority of the people speak English. You will not have any communication problems unless you visit a few remote areas or when you deal with Mainland Chinese tourists and a few locals who do not speak English (Some of them speak English too).


I would suggest you taking the advices from Wikitravel. Nevertheless, most locals under the age of 40 (and many over that as well) know enough English for basic communication. To improve your chances of being understood, speak slowly, stick to basic words and sentences, and avoid using slang. You may also speak Mandarin, which is also widely understood ...


I spent my semester abroad in Hong Kong (at HKUST) last year. Basically everybody speaks English, from taxi drivers to cashiers. Also road signs etc. are all in English as well. The students at HKUST did understand Mandarin, but were quite reluctant to speak with you in Mandarin, they definitely prefer English.


The area next to Hong Kong-China Boundary in Hong Kong is Frontier Closed Area. Only permitted people can access it. If you want to cross the boundary, the cheapest way is Huangbus (皇巴士) from Huanggang Port to San Tin Public Transport Interchange. It costs $9 HKD, paid by cash or Octopus card. Dont expect to hitchhike in GuangDong. Each year many drivers ...


I do not read Chinese very well and speak only at a conversational level, but I have never had problems in Hong Kong, even ignoring my ability to speak some Cantonese. Perhaps you already know this, but many public spaces (street signs, the bus or the metro, etc.) are bilingual. So are many "menus" at many "fast-food" chains I have seen. (To boot, I ...


Hong Kong consists of a number of islands, and also a sizeable chunk of mainland, called the New Territories. The New Territories are the larger part of Hong Kong, but also the least densely populated, least interesting and least visited. Kowloon is a more populated and residential area, also part of the mainland, surrounded by the New Territories. Shenzhen ...


You should encounter absolutely no problems. Hong Kong immigration are both efficient and pleasant. I have resided in Hong Kong for over 9 years and hold permanent residency. We receive both family and business visitors who regularly tour the surrounding region. Recently a colleague holding a Thai passport entered HK on the 4 June, left for Dubai on 5 ...


I was there from 19th to 23rd, and most people of working age and of the white-collar occupations speak English. However, you might want to have an extra patience on listening and understanding them as their Chinese accent indeed has bearing on their pronunciation. Locals farther away from Central (e.g. Shau Kei Wan) tend to be less knowledgeable in ...


Regarding to my search on google: In Hong Kong there are forty six point zero seven (46.07%) peoples are English speakers. The amount of English speakers are (3,136,784) And forty eight percent (48%) peoples in Hong Kong speaks Mandarin Mandarin overtakes English as Hong Kong's second language


Base on the immigration department website, Indian can enter HK without visa for 14days. All vistors are required to hold onward or return tickets unless they are transit to Mainland China/Macau. However, the immigration officers may argue that you may work in HK and thus reject your entry, so you may have to prepare a flight/ship/rail ticket to ...


China and Hong Kong offer so many hostels so I am sure that you will not have trouble finding the hostel. But if it is your first time in China, you should book a room a few days in advance because it's easier for you to visit a strange city for the first time if you have some plan of where to go.


Cathay/Dragon air free baggage allowance is 20KG for Economic class, but my experience 2 weeks ago in Heathrow tells you can put not more than around 24KG. Cathay/Dragon extra bag charge is based on weight. It charges US$20 per KG from China(ZONE1) to Delhi(ZONE2), which means the extra bag costs you $460, around half of your ticket price


Ngong Ping 360 opens at 10am-6pm in Weekdays, and 9am-630pm at Weekends & Public Holidays. It will extend services hours to 7pm on Weekends and holidays in July and August. Please note it will close on Scheduled Servicing Days. The nearest one is from 7 to 24 in September. The trip last around 30 mins but it may takes more than 1 hr for line up, usually ...


I arrived in Macao by plane on April 26th, as a German citizen I got I visa free stay until 25-07-2015 (90 days). Yesterday (June 5th) I went on a day trip to Honk Kong, when returning to Macau I got a new Arrival Card, it states again: Permitted to remain until 25-07-2015 This indicates, that the original "visa" was not voided, and the 90 days did ...

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