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I have stayed at the Sheraton HK hotel (back in 2007), the one in Nathan road (that's the English name of the road if I remember correctly). The toilet is no different than any western style toilet. The hotel itself and its facilities are pretty decent.


I have not stayed at the Sheraton specifically but based on my experience with other Hong Kong hotels/venues, I am pretty sure you will find “Western” bathrooms there. But as far as (men's) toilet experience is concerned, in Hong Kong you must try The Peninsula, more specifically its bar (you can go there even if you can't afford the hotel).


It depends on the hotel. Upscale ones, especially if they're western brands, will generally have western style (sit) toilets. Cheap hotels, especially if they're local or not a chain, will generally have eastern style (squat) toilets. It's easy to find your preferred style if you know where to look and can identify the clientele the hotel caters to. A large ...


Of course it has. All mid to upscale Hotel in China do these days especially if they are name brand. Same for restaurants. The only "hole in the ground" style toilets I've seen in the last 5 years are either in very rural areas or inside the factory for operators and line workers. Assuming you mean the Sheraton in Kowloon close to the harbor, it's really ...


The Sheraton is above my discretionary accommodation level - but based on what is provided at less salubrious establishments, I'd expect western toilets in en suites and just maybe a squat toilet or too in shared facilities - usually well labelled on the door. Even quite down-market Hong-Kong hotels are liable to have western-style toilets in en-suites. As ...


I'm not certain how HK will treat this but i'm sure about a similar situation in Australia. When a government sends a visitor back home over their expense, they usually not only pay for the flight back but also impose some fines which a visitor usually is not able to pay. This is done to make sure that such visitor never returns to their country. In your ...

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