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Tao Fong Shan would appear to be what you're after. It's a 500m hill, in Sha Tin, where the Tao Fong Shan Christian Centre is located. From the wiki: "A 12-metre-high cross, facing Sha Tin, is the hallmark of the Centre. The cross is a popular among visitors and is a place for outside gatherings and meetings." It includes a photo that seems to ...


In addition to Mark Mayo's answer, the cross is located in the mountainside on Needle Hill. It takes 15-20 mins to walk from the Sha Tin Railway Station via the path through Pai Tau Tsuen. There is no direct public transport(note1) there and there are not many signs. The camp is not open to public but you can join their events. PS1: The characters 成了 on ...


The closest thing to the Walled City is an enormous recreation of the Walled City in a gaming arcade (!) in Kawasaki, an unprepossessing suburb of Tokyo. Here's a blog post with lots of pictures. Address ウェアハウス川崎 (Warehouse Kawasaki-ten), 川崎区日進町3−7, official site (Japanese only). More authentic if rather less exciting are a series of walled villages in ...


What about the Fes Medina (Fes el-Bali) in Morocco? Dense, labyrinthine, mixed residential-commercial, and pedestrian-only, but larger and more sparsely populated than the Walled City. Most parts are safe to visit, at least during the day, but guidebooks I've read suggest hiring a local guide as it is quite easy to get lost.


If she is not transiting Hong Kong to/from a foreign country, then it seems she will need a Two-way Permit.


Apparently there are no direct ferries: http://www.tripadvisor.com/ShowTopic-g294217-i1496-k936500-Travel_by_ferry_from_Hong_Kong_to_Taiwan-Hong_Kong.html It would be unlikely to save any money: see http://www.rome2rio.com/s/Hong-Kong/Taipei. A mid week round trip ticket is around US $200 on Hongkong airlines or China Air. Maybe US $250 on Eva. Cathay ...


Yeah, there are a few options, but air travel is still likely to be the cheapest, as it's a long way to go by ferry. However, for comparison: Hong Kong to Taipei on Rome2Rio shows options including combinations of bus, train, ferry and flights. It still unfortunately looks like a flight is the likely cheapest option.

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