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Yes. According to the TSA website, but you will have to declare them to security personel and they will have to be x-rayed we are continuing to permit prescription liquid medications and other liquids needed by persons with disabilities and medical conditions... However, if the liquid medications are in volumes larger than 3.4 ounces ...


Firstly I haven't been to Honduras for about five years and all this is off the top of my head: Honduras is cheap, since you mention USD I assume you are American so there are probably fairly cheap flights. Honduras is poor. They have beaches but they don't take great care of them, at least on the mainland. I spent Easter at Omoa and found it very dirty ...


The Pan American Highway is probably the most popular route. Mexico and possibly other countries require insurance from an underwriter in that country. It will probably be a lot cheaper to arrange that before the trip. It would be worth checking to see if it is unsafe to travel in certain areas, and at night. In Nicaragua, for example, there have been ...


If you're flying out of the states you can take it in carry-on provided you declare that it's over 3.4 oz. It's always easier if you can pack it but it's understandable if you can't. If you have a prescription I would bring it just incase. Source


Bear in mind that it is winter season in Central America (until late October). And while staying in the Pan American highway is probably your best bet, there's still chance for roadblocks caused by mudslides, collapsed bridges, etc. Road infrastructure on those countries isn't exactly at the same levels you are used to.


You can use either passport with no problem, however: I recommend you apply for the ESTA with your French passport and transit the US with it. The reason is this: Visa Waiver Program travelers may, on their second and subsequent visits, use Automated Passport Control kiosks to clear immigration. This is usually much faster than waiting in the immigration ...


As a certified diver (Are you?.. I guessed you are because you asked for diving not getting diving lessons) you usually know to find the information about dive sites in www.padi.com website firstly. Then you can search more by giving some key words to the search engines and complete it. About Belize: Dive Season: Year-round. Whale sharks sightings are ...

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