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My initial thought was along the lines of 'but Maori are just part of the community' - but while that's true, there are still some options that are actually pretty awesome. And to time with the Rugby World Cup, Qualmark now has a Marae Stay Experience rating - maraes being traditional community ancestral house or meeting venue. There are some good options ...


The top-known one that I've heard of is Home Exchange. It's international. However since I'm renting out my house, I've not done it, personally.


A tiny village on the central east coast of the north island is beginning to put together a native culture program, and while it is not really off the ground just yet, you could be one of the first to go and live with the Maori people of Porangahau and further this project by showing that there is interest. I will send your information to "Doc" whom I just ...


I don't have any experience on the Eastern side of the Himalaya, but I did some travelling on the Western side in China, in areas with high numbers of Tibetan people. As usually I did not plan or book anything but mostly stayed in hotels in towns, but a few times I also just walked in the mountains through some villages and when I asked people for a place ...


There is also the Tamaki experences Run by two of the Tamaki brothers. (Not their brother Bishop Brian Tamaki of Destiny Church) I went to the one in Christchurch at Ferrymead historic park it is very touristy apparently the one in Rotoura is less so. They also offer a (two/three) part interactive performance spread across their sites chronicling the family ...


I think swapyourhome.net is another best home exchange website.


Some others you may try are: Digsville IHEN Intervac GTI Swapnow Each has a somewhat different flavor. GTI, for example, has an eco-friendly appeal.


Another alternative is www.knok.com . This is a new alternative with thousands of homes. I joined last year and I already swapped twice: France and Italy, and everything was ok in both cases.


couchsurfing.com may facilitate your aims by putting you in touch with people with travel accommodation requirements. However from a friend who has used it, the impression I get is that it's more about being present in your house where people come to stay. But check it out.


I am wondering if it's possible to travel to New Zealand as a tourist and immerse in Maori culture. Yes. definitely. You may get something closer to what you see in the film "Whale Rider" than the 19th century images, but there are some "exceedingly hard core enclaves of Maoridom" that make substantial efforts to preserve the language and the culture. ...


I am not 100% sure about the Organic side of things but I've heard that ProjectsAbroad has this kind of things popping up now and then. At WorkAway they at least have some organic stuff going on in Portugal. More extensive search might reveal opportunities elsewhere. I know of Portugal because I've searched for that myself. Never been in contact with anyone ...


I think you'd be hard pressed to find a Marae with Maori living in the traditional way they would have before European settlers arrived, however Google provides plenty of results of Maraes offering accommodation up and down NZ. You may or may not get the traditional cultural experience you are looking for, but no doubt you will meet some friendly characters ...

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