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With your body clock only 2 hours from HK you have a fair bit of time. If you want to go cheap, grab the Airbus (about HKD 35) to Kowloon and stay at a relatively inexpensive hotel. Expect to pay around HKD700 for a reasonable place (depending on season etc. it was much more expensive a year or two ago), or less than that for a smelly and poorly ventilated ...


I would suggest taking the Airport Express to Hong Kong station and staying at the Ibis, which is quite nearby. You can experience the high-end shopping in Central; traditional shops and restaurants in Sheung Wan; modern bars, restaurants and clubs in the Lan Kwai Fong area and the Mid Levels or if you are feeling a little more adventurous, then WanChai. If ...


Cathay Pacific STPC (stopover paid by carrier) rules are here. They're dated from 2012 but I'm presuming they're still active. Passengers are NOT eligible for STPC when transfer in HKG is longer than 24hours. Since you have booked a stopover rather than a long, but required, connection, it appears you are not eligible.


The free option (except for food) would be to sleep at the airport. There are free resting lounges that are quieter than the main area. Of course you're still in the open and there's no guarantee of finding a seat. The next cheapest option would be to take a bus to somewhere in the city, probably Kowloon, and find a cheap hotel/hostel there. But don't ...

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